LM2596 module DC 4.0~40 to 1.3-37V


SKU : LM2596

LM2596 module DC 4.0~40 to 1.3-37V Adjustable Step-Down Power Module + LED Voltmeter

หมวดหมู่ : Module Regulator


The Voltmeter Resolution: ±0.1V
The Voltmeter Digital Display Range: 0v-45v
The Voltmeter Input Voltage Range: Dc 4v-40v
Output Voltage: Continuous Adjustable (1.3v-37 V)
Output Current: 2a
size :65*35mm
Led Digital Voltmeter Tube, The Accuracy Is Adjustable Function, Can Be Aimed At Your Multimeter Adjustable Accurate.
Press the key "S1" to let the display show the input or output voltage. when the green led light, it shows output, the red show input.
To guarantee the accuracy of the voltmeter , make sure the input voltage above 4V.
The input voltage must be 1.5v higher than the output voltage or 1.5v above.

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