MG995 MG996 servo head bracket two degrees of freedom


SKU : Servo Bracket

แขน Servo Motor RDS3115


MG995 servo head bracket two degrees of freedom
ข้อต่อ servo ใช้กับ MG995 MG996 servo
Two degrees of freedom MG995 servo head is a high torque, high cost of small head, you can do two degrees of freedom in the horizontal and vertical directions, easy to install the camera, you can achieve video surveillance, image recognition positioning tracking; Equipped with Infrared ultrasonic ranging sensor or sensors may be combined into integrated detection device, so that the robot can sense measure around obstacles, enabling the robot obstacle avoidance function. Of course, you can also install various sensors to complete a variety of new interactive work by servo controller.

Package included:

1. Aluminum multifunction steering bracket X 1

2. Aluminum long U-shaped bracket X 1

3. imports bearing glass disabilitiesX1

4. small round helm X 2 

5. Screw:

3 * 10 1 sets
4 * 8  4 sets
3 * 6 2 sets
M2 self-tapping screws 8

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