Stag Beetle – 2-Channel Remote Control


SKU : 71119

(PRE-ORDER) กรุณาสั่งซื้อล่วงหน้า 2-5 วันทำการ หุ่นยนต์แมลงด้วงกว่าง กลไกเดิน 6 ขา พร้อมชุดรีโมทบังคับ 2 ช่อง น้ำหนัก 320 กรัม


Requires two R6/AA/UM3 alkaline batteries

This new Robocraft Series item is perfect for young aspiring robot builders. Forward/reverse and left/right movements are produced by two motors in pre-assembled gearboxes, which are controlled by a 2-stick, 2-channel remote controller with self-neutral function. In addition, the mouth section is linked to the legs to recreate opening/closing movement. The teeth positions in the mouth section can be freely arranged as well. This fun kit is assembled using screws, and a screwdriver is included to make the task even easier. Transparent body allows viewing of internal mechanics. Includes 1 meter long control cable. Requires two R6/AA/UM3 alkaline batteries (sold separately).

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